Syracuse Nightlife

Rockin' It Old School

Rolling Ones Never Hurt So Bad

During Elysium, O’Neal announced that Ellen Halsey had “stepped down” from the position of Sheriff, and announced Cole Croft as the new Sheriff. Caitiff removal has been effective in the domain, and new information has come up about the situation in Cortland. Ace Canole loudly confronted O’Neal about a deceased Kindred named “Ronny,” but was stared down by Croft.

The coterie was asked to retrieve a book, recently extracted from an archeological dig in Egypt, from the Maxwell School of Archeology at Syracuse University. The book, certainly an important part of Kindred lore and perhaps even a fragment of the Book of Nod itself, was to be delivered directly to O’Neal, and the operation was to be quiet and stealthy, with no killing. Unfortunately, someone else had a different plan. Upon arriving at the Maxwell School, the group found one grad student with her throat slashed, the professor in charge of the excavation murdered in her office, and a security guard mangled by a stairwell. Paperwork from the office led them to a basement lab, where they were confronted by two Sabbat Kindred while a third ran off with something tucked under his arm. A terrible battle ensued, ending with a second sabbat escaping and the third ashed. It was a close fight, and the group did not walk away easy victors. Arthur Compton lost a hand to a Sabbat blade, and Simon Church sustained heavy burns on his face and torso. The group returned to O’Neal, who was already aware of the fiasco and extremely pissed off. Barely given the chance to explain themselves, the group was turned out unceremoniously for their failure.



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