Syracuse Nightlife

The Blizzard

Porn to be Wild

After an eventful Elysium, during which Prince O’Neal declared expulsion law for all Caitiff in the Syracuse domain, the coterie was asked to look into a strange homemade snuff film DVD that seemed to feature real zombies. Driving on treacherous roads, the group found themselves visiting local adult boutiques until they made contact with the distributor, who brought them another DVD before driving himself into a telephone pole. The new DVD showed a house in the Onondaga Park neighborhood, which the coterie located and explored. Now abandoned except for a small computer studio in the basement, the group took the computer, which contained one last video, this time showing a vampire feeding. Prince O’Neal, glad to have this masquerade violation put to a stop, is now having the video analyzed to see if the identity of the vampire can be ascertained.

Selected Newspaper Clippings: Newspaper Clippings – 2/8
Bleeding Prey Videos: Bleeding Prey Videos



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