The Syracuse Domain has been a solidly Camarilla Domain for centuries, but recent events put the region in danger. Surrounded by rural and wilderness areas in all directions, Syracuse has always had a Lupine problem, but now the Sabbat seem to be circling in as well. Albany has been controlled by the Sabbat since the early 1900s, but more recently, a powerful pack known as the Backwoods Boys has claimed Watertown to the North, and rumor persist of Sabbat activity to the south as well.

The Domain is ruled by Ventrue Prince Derrick O’Neal, though ultimately the domain must answer to Prince Weston Barnett of Rochester, which considers Syracuse a subjugate domain. O’Neal is relatively young but wields considerable power and influence, and while many of the Brujah bristle at the domain’s subjugate position, none have openly called for O’Neal’s removal.

Domain Offices:
Prince: Derrick O’Neal
Sheriff: Ellen Halsey
Keeper of Elysium: Shawn Ellis
Harpy: Foster Dillon

Primogen Council:
Paul Sparks – Brujah
Alice LaRoux – Toreador
Olan Grout – Nosferatu
Hephaestus North – Malkavian
Baxter Prius – Tremere

Resident Kindred:
Ace Canole
Pamela Rook
Lisa Stewart
Franklin McGee
Krona Roma
Arthur Compton
Nigel Moon
Simon Church


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